NBA Hall of Famer and basketball icon Shaquille O’Neal has freshly harvested $2 million to benefit kids who can use the assistance.

The former Los Angeles Lakers star, four-time NBA champion, TNT analyst, erstwhile rapper and movie star, and mega entrepreneur used NFTs (non-fungible tokens) for charity. O’Neal last month teamed with the NFT marketplace Notables on Shaq Gives Back.

O’Neal verified on Dec. 21 that he would start the collection and give all the proceeds to the Shaq Foundation, per MSN. The organization partners with Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Communities in Schools to back programs and projects targeting underserved youth nationwide, the website reported.

An NFT is basically a digital asset, bought and sold often with cryptocurrency. The NFT business is already skyrocketing and is expected to experience a “massive increase” in volume over the next 12 months as more major investors arrive, BLACK ENTERPRISE reported.

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A post shared by Notables (

The effort included 10,000 rare tokens featuring the NBA legend in diverse costumes with amusing facial expressions. Within a day, the collection reportedly raised $1 million for Shaq’s foundation. O’Neal dared his followers to keep supporting the charitable push by boosting the amount to $1.5 million before Christmas. Shortly thereafter, the collection pulled in $2 million based on a Notables post on Instagram.

O’Neal’s philanthropic efforts followed other generosity he showed to help others during the holiday season.  He just presented 500 children in Atlanta with Christmas presents and presents BLACK ENTEPRISE reported.

Even during his playing days, Shaq was known for having a big heart. On Monday, Dec. 20, O’Neal kicked off his Shaq-A-Claus charity work, which began its 24th year in 2021. The event took place at Wesley Lakes Elementary School in McDonough, GA, outside of Atlanta, where O’Neal gave approximately 500 students Christmas gifts to take home.

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Eminem has joined the Bored Ape Yacht Club — an exclusive community of elite NFT owners.

Among other celebrities with an ape token are Jimmy Fallon, Post Malone, Steph Curry, Jermaine Dupri, Snoop Dogg, Lil Baby, and Gunna. The BAYC NFT collection is limited to 10,000 unique images of apes. It was launched in April 2021, and the first apes were minted for 0.08 Ethereum (ETH), which was approximately $185 back then. Since then, their popularity skyrocketed, and Bored Ape became one of the most coveted NFTs on the market, with the floor price for the lowest listed NFT around 52 ETH, or well above $200,000. In five months since the launch, the BAYC NFT series saw a trading value of $1.5 billion.

The secret of the BAYC success might be both the uniqueness of the images and the package of tangible perks that come together with a non-fungible token. Yuga Labs, the anonymous team behind BAYC, organises exclusive events worldwide that are not easy to access but open for token holders. The company website states:

A limited NFT collection where the token itself doubles as your membership to a swamp club for apes.

Yuga Labs have certainly created the aura of exclusivity that attracts new members to the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Just last week, Snoop Dogg got his token and changed his social media avatar to his Bored Ape as it became a fashion.

On the last day of 2021, Eminem did the same. His new Instagram and Twitter avatar is a new Bored Ape NFT that was purchased for 123.45 ETH (currently about $461,868) by an account called “Shady Holdings”.

Interestingly, Shady’s ape is sporting a hat similar to Marshall’s signature Kangol.

Evidently, Em is getting more and more serious with NFTs after the success of his own limited series ShadyCon. However, for fans who suspected that a new avatar would signal the beginning of an album promo campaign, the story behind the image might be discouraging.

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Technician’s take (Editor’s note): Technician’s Take is taking a hiatus for the holidays. In its place, First Mover Asia is publishing CoinDesk contributor Jeff Wilser’s Q&A with Cathy Hackl, sometimes called the Godmother of the Metaverse,” on the future of the metaverse, includinbg why brands will need a metaverse strategy.

Bitcoin, the oldest cryptocurrency, experienced a small price recovery to as high as about $47,961.0 on Saturday, before it fell into red again on Sunday, based on data from TradingView. But its overall spot trading volume across major centralized exchanges declined on the weekend, meaning that the price move was not supported by strong market activities.

On Friday, about 115,000 bitcoin options and roughly 882,000 ether options contracts, worth a total notional value of $8.67 billion, expired, according to Cayman Islands-based crypto financial services firm Blofin. After the settlement was completed, bitcoin’s price briefly went up sharply to above $48,000 on some exchanges, crypto trading data platform aICoin tweeted on Dec. 31.

But it’s also going to be in our real world with some level of augmentation, probably through a wearable. So, Web 3 is kind of enabling the creation of the metaverse, and the metaverse is a convergence of physical and digital. Think of it as the successor of what comes next on the internet. It’s like your digital lifestyle catching up to your physical life.

Hackl: Yeah. Even Snapchat, the things that they can do with the camera for augmented reality – that’s a metaverse play. That’s all part of the metaverse. I have a pretty expansive view, and part of that comes from working in VR [virtual reality] hardware, spatial computing and augmented reality hardware. And when people think the metaverse is only virtual reality, or only fully immersive, I think that’s a pretty narrow view. And a pretty dystopic one.

Hackl: You cannot enable the open decentralized metaverse that many of us dream of without blockchain, right? Blockchain is the underlying component. NFTs are a bit of a stepping-stone into the metaverse when it comes to ownership of digital assets and digital identity. How do you actually enable that? NFTs are a big part of that equation.

Hackl: One of the big things that I try to explore is, “Is direct-to-avatar the next direct-to-consumer?” Again, it’s stepping-stones. When we text people we use emojis; we don’t even write anymore. We use an emoji to represent a message. Our emojis – and by extension our avatars – are becoming emotional surrogates of ourselves.

In order to represent yourself as an avatar, that’s a big thing. Because it’s a moment of self-expression, it’s a moment of self-exploration. And how do brands play into that? Well, I’m going to have to outfit my avatar. Maybe I want to make a statement and wear Supreme. Fashion and culture go together. How does your avatar show up, right? What does it look like, what does it wear? There are going to be a lot of opportunities for brands. And there will be opportunities for them to engage with the younger generation.

Well, people are saying that Chipotle caused the [Roblox] outage. (Of course they didn’t cause the outage – let’s get that straight.) But a brand like Chipotle can come in and say, “We’re going to do a burrito, and we’re going to give away $1 million worth of burritos in the game.” I think those types of things are interesting and fun, and the audience is engaged, they enjoyed it.

Hackl: There are a lot of things that need to happen. If you look at how many people actually have [digital] wallets, it’s actually a very small number. And it’s a generational thing. My kids understand digital ownership in a way that maybe older generations don’t. They love buying digital assets and their skins. Once my kids get older, they’re going to question, “Why can’t I take this asset that I paid so much money for in Roblox, and move it over to Fortnite?” Eventually they’re going to expect that.

There also needs to be a lot of education within organizations – and not just the brand team – to understand where this is headed. And for companies, there’s already a talent war so it’s hard to hire people. When you realize that every company is going to need a metaverse strategy, then hiring is going to get even harder. That’s why I partnered with Republic Realm to create the Republic Realm Academy, for executive education.

Hackl: I take the good with the bad. I mean, it is a validation of the work that many of us have been doing for years. So, I’ll take that. On the other side, with Facebook being so literal with the name “meta,” it does cast a bit of doubt and shadow on the metaverse. The big thing is confusion – people thinking the metaverse is Facebook. It is not.

Hackl: First of all, I will say “The Oasis” [the fully immersive platform in “Ready Player One”] is not what we should aim for. That’s pretty dystopic, where the real world has gone to s**t, and you have to escape reality. [Laughs.] I don’t want to escape reality, but I want the metaverse to be somewhere fun when I want to have fun – instead of Instagram.

Hackl: I don’t think anyone can put a time or date, but I will say that this decade is a decade of building and pioneering. We’re all testing, trying to understand how it all works. This is the decade where those foundations are created. It’s a time of change and a time for creators. Now is the time to build. Now is when you start to figure out, what does this mean? Where are we going? And what does our company or brand have to do to be prepared for the future?

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Visithra Manikam at her solo Kuala Lumpur exhibition back in 2019. (source: Where Are The Women Artists?)

When Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, was introduced more than 12 years ago, nobody outside a handful of tech heads and anarchists gave it much attention. Fast forward to the present, and cryptocurrencies are now everywhere.

From just the one, it is estimated that there are now over 10,000 different ‘coins’ in circulation, with their uses ranging from subverting international finance, to helping artists sell their art more equitably.

Malaysian artists have also been getting in on the act, from mixed-media auteur Red Hong Yi to street graffiti artist Katun.

(source: Daily Express / The Edge)

And now, another Malaysian artist by the name of Visithra Manikam has emerged as one of the top selling artists on the crypto-based Non Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace OpenSea.

Visithra, a self-styled multidisciplinary visual artist from Kuala Lumpur, had been struggling to break into the local art scene, which she says is due to the discrimination that Indian artists face here.

Visithra, and her work entitled ‘Karma’. (source: Saatchi Art / OpenSea)

Despite participating in multiple exhibitions over the years, she has been the subject of discriminatory messages from gallery artists and even fellow artists.

“Very few Malaysian Indian artists get opportunities in the top Malaysian art galleries, nor in government-funded exhibitions… I’ve been in shows where I’m the token Indian. Between January and September 2019, there were 71 exhibitions in the top nine galleries – only six shows featured Malaysian Indian artists.

“When I brought this up, I was told my art wasn’t good enough, it was too ‘Indian’. However, at the same time, we see those who culturally appropriate our art and culture getting solo exhibitions with these galleries,” Visithra recounted to The Vibes.

(Source: Vissyarts)

However, since putting her art for sale online in the form of NFTs earlier this year, they have amassed over RM1.5 million (91 ETH) in first-hand and second-hand sales.

“The NFT community is really welcoming. I started off as a stranger in late June, made friends, and then started building my collector base,” said the artist.

“Trauma”; “Hate”; & “Envy”. (source: OpenSea)

Her art has even attracted the attention of multi-hyphenated celebrity mogul Snoop Dogg, who is known to be a high profile NFT collector in his own right.

“Snoop is really the sweetest. He came into the community as an anonymous collector and only after gaining traction, he revealed who he was,” she said.

“He sent me a DM (direct message) and we had a conversation about my art. He wanted to know which were significant, and I shared pieces that I hadn’t minted (put up for sale) and he picked three.”

Snoop Dogg revealed himself to be the famed NFT collector Cozomo de’ Medici, who has bought many of the most expensive crypto-based art of all time. (source: Twitter)

Besides Snoop, her art has also been embraced by other popular figures such as Reese Witherspoon and Jimmy Fallon, just to name a few.

“I now have more than 190 collectors are from the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Poland, China, Latin America, Europe, and more. Today, I’m one of the top Malaysian NFT artists and on the journey to being verified by OpenSea.”

Visithra’s NFTs can be viewed and bought on the OpenSea platform here.

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Cryptocurrency prices fell sharply over the past 24 hours due to profit booking. (Photo: Reuters)

Cryptocurrency prices plunged over the past 24 hours due to a jump in profit booking activity. Aggressive selling is a possibility over the next 24 hours as the overall crypto market remains volatile.

Bitcoin, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, fell below $50,000 to touch a fresh 3-day low. It was trading at $48,200 or 2.73 per cent lower than its price 24 hours ago at 12:10 pm. The market capitalisation of the popular crypto stood at $910 billion and the 24-hour trade volume was $1.25 billion.

Ether, the native token on the Ethereum platform, also fell sharply as it traded at $4,115 or nearly 6 per cent lower than its price 24 hours ago. Ether’s market capitalisation was down to $483 billion and the 24-hour trade volume was $1.34 billion.

Smaller cryptocurrencies, including Solana, XRP, Terra, Cardano, Polkadot, Stellar, Dogecoin, Polygon, Chanlink, Uniswap and Litecoin fell sharply due to an increase in profit booking activity.

Commenting on the aggressive selling in the crypto market, Edul Patel, CEO and Co-founder, Mudrex- A Global Algorithm Based Crypto Investment Platform, said there are chances that the crypto market will remain shaky over the next 24 hours. He also warned investors to remain cautious.

“We saw a profit booking across the cryptocurrency spectrum over the past 24 hours. Investors should watch out before taking aggressive trades as the markets are a bit shaky at the moment,” he said.

“The crucial support levels for BTC and ETH are $46,000 and $4,000 respectively”.

Here are the latest prices and trends of popular cryptocurrencies:

$$178.31 million

DISCLAIMER: The cryptocurrency prices have been updated as of 12:30 pm and will change as the day progresses. The list is intended to give a rough idea regarding popular cryptocurrency trends and will be updated daily.

Click here for’s complete coverage of the coronavirus pandemic.

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A major upgrade to bitcoin is happening soon—here’s what investors should know

The Taproot upgrade is a collection of three separate upgrade proposals, Katherine Dowling, general counsel and chief compliance officer at Bitwise Asset Management, tells CNBC Make It.

Smart contracts

The most important change from Taproot is the potential for smart contracts, Dowling says.

“Schnorr signatures can be leveraged to let bitcoin users execute more complex smart contracts than bitcoin can currently accomplish today,” she says. “That’s big, because one of the key differences between bitcoin and newer blockchains like Ethereum is their suitability for smart contracts.”

Smart contracts are digital agreements written in code and stored on the blockchain. They’re essential in powering decentralized finance, or DeFi, applications and nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, for example. Ethereum’s smart contract capabilities have in part allowed it to become the most-used blockchain.

Compared to Ethereum, “bitcoin has historically been much more limited in accommodating smart contracts,” she says. “But, while bitcoin likely won’t ever be as flexible as Ethereum from a smart contract standpoint, with Taproot that gap will now narrow.”

This will likely lead to an increase in day-to-day applications for bitcoin.

The Taproot upgrade aims to increase privacy for certain transactions.

To do this, Schnorr signatures will ultimately allow for multi-signature transactions, or those that involve multiple addresses, to appear as a standard, single transaction. Multi-signature transactions are often used to enable smart contracts, among other things.

As a result, multi-signature transactions will be indistinguishable from simple transactions, meaning greater anonymity and privacy for addresses involved in multi-signature transactions.

Though Dowling describes this as a “big benefit,” some are concerned that it may cause more government concern over bitcoin and illegal activities such as tax evasion or money laundering.

Cheaper transactions

Schnorr signatures would also reduce the amount of data needed for multi-signature transactions, which are more complicated to process than standard ones.

“With less data involved, transactions will become more energy and time efficient,” says Tyrone Ross, CEO of Onramp Invest, a firm that helps advisors with digital-asset management.

As a result, transactions will be cheaper to process, leading to lower cost of transaction fees.

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Ubisoft’s entry into the maelstrom of NFTs, which has so far been comically inept, has also been received by the wider public with an enormous amount of outright hostility. And how has the company responded to this backlash? Exactly as you would expect.

Unlike some studios, which dipped their toes into the water, found their fanbases were not exactly thrilled with the prospect and bailed, Ubisoft is far too invested in this bullshit to go backing out now. And so, in an interview with a crypto news site, the company has instead explained how they intend on ignoring your concerns and pushing right on ahead with everything.

Speaking with Decrypt, a site literally owned by a crypto company and thus “dedicated to helping people understand this brave new world”, Ubisoft’s Blockchain Technical Director Didier Genevois said a whole bunch of stuff that basically boils down to “we’re doing this anyway, you just need time to get used to it”.

We have received a lot of feedback since the announcement, and we hear both the encouragement and the concerns. We understand where the sentiment towards the technology comes from, and we need to keep taking it into consideration every step of the way.

Fuck off! You didn’t get concerns, you got outrage, because NFTs are an enormous scam lying in plain sight, a pointless intrusion on existing systems designed only to enrich those hustling it and an environmental catastrophe, no matter what kind of hand-waving and PR laundering its advocates try. All in one thing, all at the same time.

Genevois goes on to say “This experiment is meant to understand how the value proposition of decentralization can be received and embraced by our players. We know it is a major change that will take time, but we will stay true to our…principles.”

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Power up your holiday
EcoFlow is offering deals on their portable power stations: to make it easier to feel cozy at home. Especially if you’ve overloaded yours with good cheer and accidentally knocked the power out.

People don’t want time, they don’t want to change, they don’t want to get used to this. This isn’t horse armour, or fighter skins, annoyances and inconveniences that people protested then begrudgingly got used to. This is a hard no.

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Ubisoft’s dive into the cold, murky waters of NFTs did not go over well with fans, who very quickly expressed overwhelming dislike for the idea. They’re not the only ones: The French trade union Solidaires Informatique, which represents some workers at Ubisoft Paris, criticized the decision in a statement calling blockchain technology “a useless, costly, ecologically mortifying technology.”

“Ubisoft has recently entered the blockchain and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) market. A decision that has been widely criticized by our players, bringing no improvements or benefits to our games,” the union said in a statement. “Many of us in the company feel the same way and say that blockchain is harmful, worthless, and without a future.”

It’s not just the technological side of NFTs that Solidaires Informatique has a problem with: Sketchy NFT creators and games, which have been rife with scams and rip-offs, also come under fire. “You like dividends, subprimes, financial derivatives, crises, speculation, fast trading, money laundering, etc?” the union said. “This is the assured and unspoken promise of NFT. We are far from the enjoyment of videogames.”

As if that isn’t enough, Solidaires Informatique also pointed out that the implementation of NFTs as collectible cosmetics in Ubisoft games really isn’t anything new: The big innovation of the blockchain, the union said, “is to do the same, but inefficiently.”

📢 UBISOFT and NFTBlockchain is a useless, costly, ecologically mortifying tech which doesn’t bring anything to videogames. 14, 2021

It’s vitriolic but not entirely unjustified, at least based on what Ubisoft has revealed of its NFT program so far. As Rich noted when it was announced, a hat that you could wear in Assassin’s Creed, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, Riders Republic, and For Honor could at least be seen as leveraging the potential of NFT technology. But we’re not getting that: We’re getting cosmetic items that only work in one game, which is effectively something that game studios have been offering for years.

The union said the NFT strategy has been “questioned and denounced internally” at Ubisoft Paris as well. Management is apparently still trying to sell the plan, but the union rejected the entire premise outright, saying its members understand the technology and don’t need explanations because they’re opposed to it as a matter of principle.

“We don’t have concrete statistics, but in the internal Ubisoft forum, the announcement of NFTs was widely commented on, with something like a 5% ratio of positive comments. The rest were negative,” Solidaires Informatique chapter rep Marc Rutschlé, who is also a senior designer on Ghost Recon Breakpoint, told PC Gamer in an email today. 

“[Ubisoft CEO] Yves Guillemot made a video conference this morning to support the NFT project. I am not sure how many people attended the meeting ([Ubisoft Paris is] around 700+-plus people). Some friends checked and found four people who were happy. The rest were negative comments/questions. Devs are not happy.”

Despite the union’s strong stance, the likelihood is that we’ll see more of this sort of thing in the future, not less. Ubisoft is the first major publisher to incorporate NFTs into a game, but Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson recently described them as “the future of our industry,” while Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick said he’s a “big believer” in NFTs, although not necessarily as they currently exist. Peter Molyneux, Dead By Daylight, and Funko Pops have also embraced NFTs.

Gamers don’t seem inclined to follow their lead just yet. The strong pushback against Ubisoft’s NFT plan was matched earlier today by the response to GSC Game World’s announcement that Stalker 2 will also incorporate NFTs. And that, more than employee discontent, may be what ultimately convinces game companies to change course. It’s one thing for people who make games to be unhappy, after all, but it’s something else entirely if that unhappiness spills over to the people who buy them.

Ironically, Nicolas Pouard, the vice president of Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab, recently said something very similar: In a post on VentureBeat about the importance of player buy-in, he wrote, “Blockchain is a game changer, but only if used the right way and with players at its core will we collectively harness the true potential of this innovation.”

However that ultimately shakes out, it appears for now that Ubisoft is fully committed to its NFT plan. 

“This morning, Guillemot has reaffirmed that Ubisoft will still develop blockchain/NFT,” Rutschlé said. “There are more things to come. He mentioned his continuous will and enthusiasm for Web.3, metaverse, and self-regulated virtual worlds. Just to compare, during the whole sexual harassment scandal, he didn’t make such a move. It’s crazy.”

Solidaires Informatique filed a lawsuit against the company over allegations of “institutional sexual harassment” in July.

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